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About Maple Away Travel

I Am Making My Own List Of The Best Travel Hidden Gems in Canada!


My name is Chanel, born and raised in the great white north excited to help you plan your dream Canadian vacation. I on a quest to create my own list of the best travel hidden gems in Canada!

Chanel was born and raised her whole life in Ontario, Canada and loves travelling through this amazing country, so who better than to help show you the hidden gems and fabulous sites the North has to offer?

There are so many underrated things to do in Canada and I am excited that you are here along for the ride!

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Why I Started Blogging?

  • I wanted to start a side hustle doing something I was already passionate about.
  • I also hope to encourage others to travel in their own backyard in addition to adventuring the world. There are amazing hidden gems Canada, I will show you the best travel destinations in the country.

Through laying out the best things to do in Canada, and the ultimate list of places to stay. My travel hacking skills, road trip guides, travel itineraries, budgeting tips are also a great place to get started as you plan your next getaway in Canada.

I’m Visiting The 100 Most Underrated Travel Destinations in Canada. Travel To Hidden Gems in Canada With Me!

In 2021 I decided that I wanted to explore the 100 best underrated travel destinations in Canada. Firstly, I came up with a list of my own best travel hidden gems in Canada. I plan to conquer this list within the next 10 years.

Ultimately, this will take me to all 10 Canadian Provinces and 3 Territories. In this blog I will cover Ontario’s best islands, the tallest Canadian waterfalls, lakes with sandy white beaches, mountains in Eastern Canada, and last but not least Arctic wildlife experiences.


Here is a list of all of hidden gems in Canada I will be venturing to within the next five years:

Travel Alberta

  1. Emerald Lake, Lake Louise, Alberta – Skip Lake Louise & Visit Here Instead
  2. Midland Provincial Park, Drumheller, Alberta – Take A Drive Through Dinosaur Trail
  3. Kananaskis River, Kananakis Village, Alberta – Thats Right, You Can Surf in Alberta
  4. Wood Buffalo National Park, Jackfish River, Alberta – Experience Wildlife In Northern Alberta
  5. Saskachewan River Crossing, Mistaya Canyon, Alberta – Hidden Gem in Banff National Park
  6. River Front Park, Athabasca, Alberta – This Hidden Gem Near Edmonton Alberta Is a Must See

Travel British Colombia

  1. Kootney National Park
  2. The Bucharest Gardens, Victoria, British Colombia – Awe At One Of Canada’s Oldest Gardens
  3. Squamish, BC
  4. Joffre Lakes Provincial Park, Mount Currie, BC
  5. Horne Lake Caves,
  6. Haida Gwaii, BC
  7. Nimmo Bay, BC
  8. Fort Langley Historical Site, BC
  9. Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver, BC

Travel Manitoba

  1. Churchill, Northern Manitoba, MB
  2. Riding Mountain National Park
  3. Canada Museum For Human Rights, Winnipeg, MB
  4. The Forks Market Winniepeg, MB
  5. Cement Cemetery, Rosser, MB
  6. Hecla-Grindstone Provincial Park, Hecla Island, MB

Travel New Brunswick

  1. Grand Falls Gorge
  2. Campobello Island, NB
  3. Hopewell Rocks, Moncton, NB
  4. Kings Landing
  5. The Saint John City Market, New Brunswick – Visit Canada’s Oldest Farmers Market
  6. Sugarloaf Mountain,
  7. St. Martins Sea Caves,
  8. Ministers Island
  9. Confederation Bridge – Put Visiting Canada’s Longest Bridge On Your Bucket List

Travel Newfoundland & Labrador

  1. Spiller’s Cove, Twillingate, NFLD
  2. Pissing Mare Falls
  3. L’anse Aux Meadows,
  4. Witless Bay Ecological Preserve, NFLD
  5. Fogo Island
  6. Labrador City,
  7. Burgoynes cove Nfld,

Travel Nova Scotia

  1. Canadian Museum of Immigration, Halifax, NS
  2. Joggins Fossil Cliff,
  3. Hirtles Beach, Kingsburg, Nova Scotia – Visit Nova Scotia’s Secret Beach Paradise
  4. Blue Rocks -Skip Peggy’s Cove & Visit Here Instead
  5. Gypsum Quarry,
  6. Thomas Raddall Provincial Park

Travel Nunavut

  1. Auyuittuq National Park, NVT
  2. Baffin Island Iqaluit,

Travel Ontario

  1. Marine Park Rossport
  2. Thousand Islands National Park
  3. Agawa Bay Petroglyphs, Agawa Bay, ON – Experience Indigenous Culture in Canada
  4. Kortright Conservation Centre, Ontario
  5. Kakabaka Falls, Kakabaka, ON
  6. The Sleeping Giant, Thunder Bay, ON
  7. Manitouland Island, Tobermory, ON
  8. Killarney Provincial Park, ON
  9. Cheltenham Bad Lands, ON
  10. Diefenbunker, Ottawa

Travel Prince Edward Island

  1. Canada’s Smallest Library, PEI
  2. Cavendish, PEI
  3. Singing Sands Beach, PEI
  4. Knox’s Dam, Montague, PEI
  5. Panmure island
  6. Point Prim

Travel Quebec

  1. Manawan
  2. Chute Sainte Anne
  3. Iles de la Madeleine, QB
  4. Mont-Mégantic International Dark Sky Park, QB
  5. Fjord Route, QB
  6. Mingon Archipelago National Park, QB
  7. Hobbit Village, QB
  8. Parc de la Gorge, QB
  9. Forillion National Park, Gaspé, Quebec –

Travel Saskatchewan

  1. Big Muddy Badlands, Happy Valley, SK
  2. Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, SK
  3. Great sand hills

Travel The Northwest Territories

  1. Nahanni National Park, Fort Smith, NWT
  2. Alexandra Falls,
  3. Old Town Neighbourhood, Yellowknife,
  4. Nunatta Sunakkutaangit
  5. Alexandra Falls

Travel The Yukon

  1. Sign Post Forest, Watson Lake, YK
  2. The Kings Throne
  1. Bonus:
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How Did I Create This List?

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